Wait for me near the floating house,I’ll be there she said with the silk ribbon around me gifting you my whole ,we will be together forever.Near  the old oak she sat with the red ribbon,the time passed,the house wearied,she cried and cried and thought may be he is lost in the woods,she lighted candles both as a prayer and to guide him in the dark,but he never came and she kept waiting in her white dress ,lost hopes and the old house floating in thin air dreams. – See more at: http://allpoetry.com/poem/11790372-Waiting-by-yassmin#sthash.knO6spBi.dpuf368

A grasp of hope

She was lost in the land of dreams,alone walking among the mountains of lost hopes and long forgotten dreams,lonely as she was,lost ,looking around,suddenly a handsome stranger came near ,grabbed her hand and without a word led her ,lost as she was she followed, just trusting his warm grasp that he is leading her to the safety she is craving,before reaching their destination ,she woke up from the lonely dream,still feeling the touch of his warm safe palm.



Black & White Sunday: Beauty in the Beast

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مدن الذكري

نتجول في مدن الذكري بقدم من  حسره و قدم من شوق نتجول بخطوات حذره متفقدين خلسه مساكن الذكريات تلك الجميله متجنبين المؤلمه نتجنب جراحها او الحسره علي ما فقدناه و تاره نتوه وسط شوارع العمر الضائع فنضيع وسط الحسره علي ما ضاع و لايمكن استرداده وسط اروقه مدن الذاكره نحاول دفن الجراح و التخلص من الحسره فنتعلق بذكري تبهج القلب و نحاول استردادها و تدمع الاعين علي من  ذهبوا و لم يتبق منهم غير ذذكري في بيوت الذاكره نزرع حولهم ورود المحبه و نتذكر حضورهم المبهج و نتحسرعلي رحيلهم ما بين مدن الذكري