seasons of hearts

every heart has its seasons
but mine never come
I have no reasons
why my life is empty of a love bird’s hum
some hearts have their winters
when rain never stops
sometimes storms hit and their world rocks
some heart enjoy summer with birds songs
others live lonely with autumn cruel winds
their hearts leaves slowly weirs
while my heart is slowly dying
some hearts in love skies are merrily flying
but still I hopefully dream
for my seasons to arrive
and so my heart will start its’ life – See more at:

The Old Tale

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Hence the old  tale  revives

from the night of dead

been in exile for moments

gasps and breathes

well in time

had a second been delayed

it would have faded the

fascinating tale..

nope! it can’t cease

as the mystical saga

liveth within the soil

is  deep

for the eternal lyrics


while the paroled speeches 

seek one another.


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