set us free

On women’s’ international day all struggling women are being honored, and one might think: why do they say that? Women were set free long ago.

And I say “Why do you think we got all our rights? Why do you think you gave us our freedom as if it is yours to give?.”

I ask “Males” : Do you think just because you were born a male this means you are a man?

Well guess what, a male by birth is not always a MAN… may be a male but there are girls with more manhood manners than yours….. YES, do not be surprised, do you think it is bold to say so?

Well….Ain’t it bold from you trying to touch us whenever any of us is on the street? Ain’t it bold how you harass us with words and touches? Ain’t it bold, the increasing rate of rap?

How many times you heard of a woman kidnapped from the street or microbus and rapped? Does your sister tell you about the daily harasses she faces? Well do you put the blame on her too, telling her it is her fault going out on the street? Guess no….so why do you blame those girls you harass?

Well, today 8th of March is women’s’ international day as I mentioned earlier, and I believe in honor of this day, and as a gift to us Egyptian women we are calling for a harsh anti-harassment law.

One that would stop this harassment scandal from going on, one that would set us free and let us walk safely in the streets and live normally, and have the right to dress and go wherever and however we want…get us of our fear prisons cause this is the fair action to be done.

Do you think that the fact that I am out to the street gives you the right to touch me? NO….I am as free as you are, and one day a law would stop you of even thinking about it.

We have pens to scream and defend ourselves, and speak for those who are still in the prisons of fear and silence, and in honor of anti-harassment actions I wrote this poem in my poetry collection ‘Drift Away’ included in the category ”Who am I?”:

You Think?!!

You think
What you are doing is your right?
Oh how genius how bright?
You think cause I’m out on the streets
That makes me yours?

You think
You have the right to touch
To make me face that much?
You think my body
And soul
Are for you all?

Just because
I am what I chose?
Because I am a human too
Or you forgot that too

I think your humanity is what is lost
Between your obsession and lust

I’m sorry no
I’m not scared
May be am not bold
Going out to the street
Is no war I have to win

Nor men…
Are enemies to defeat
I’m sorry for this mess
But I am fighting
And I’m not alone in this

No more harassment to be
Not for her nor for me
Not by a touch or a word
Or a call
Or a text

In the streets we will walk
Safe and having our human rights to the best
And that is a promise from me
Just a girl
That is all that is left to be said
I will be always walking raising my head

Yassmin El-Nazer

(Poet of ‘Drift Away ‘)

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2 thoughts on “set us free

    1. thanks dear hope is always there but with the current regime everything was killed n expected after the revolution we thought we earned our freedom and respect but what happened i quiet the opposite ,pray hard for u


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