facing the mirror with poetry

Published April 15, 2010 by Yassmin Elnazer

Well each one of us has his own mirror mirror on the wall that could be a truthful one ,a broken one, a gloomy unclear one or one of grandiosity telling him/her how he’s the best etc.. but the fact that we do not actually do face ourselves, our mirrors ever or lets’ say not as often as we should do and the fact that many of us do not know actually how to face this mirror nor to express how he sees his or herself through it to others we’ve our own self mirror that should be a bit different from how others see us or at least that mirror should be kind of special ,telling others about us some of what they don’t really know ,this mirror I mean that special secret mirror could be a drawing of ours ,a story told by us, piece of composed music or a poem, so how about a whole poetic collection of an Arabic poet who tried facing himself in the mirror and had the courage to share it?
Do you know the saying: eyes are the mirrors of souls? Well poetry lines could be a great clear direct path to the soul kind of a mirror a quite unique one too, well the poet :
“Abdul-Rahman Yusuf”, did so in his poetic collection:
Facing the mirror (Ammam al miraa’a)
Facing himself and his readers with a poetic mirror ,the collection contains 25 poems with the following titles:
An artist (Fanan)
The Entrance (door) of history (Bab Al tarikh)
Searching for a self (Al bahth an al zat)
Creative (mobidiia’)
Anonymous music player (al azef al mghol)
Christ (Masih)
Peacock (Altaaos)
War (harb)
The origin (almanshaa’)
Ambitious (Tamoh)
Bruin (khamria)
Shame (aar)
Seasons (fesol)
Human (Insan)
Behind the bars (Khalf el kodban)
The heart of an artist (kalb fanan)
I see (ara)
Labyrinth (el mataha)
Sturdy (Steel (folaz)
Eloquence (Balagha)
The pleasure (Delight)of death(lazet el moot)
Suite case (BAG)(hakiba)
Stranger (ghareeb)
Facing the Mirror (Amam al miraa’a)
A continuous moment (lahza momtada)
The poet starts the collection by saying in his 1st poem:” An Artist”:
I stayed up all night and the morning is soon
Turning my pages to know who I am
Winding it up by saying:
It’s art in my heart and nothing but it
And nothing but art, fulfilled my hopes
Do not we all keep turning our pages, our diaries looking for what we once were? Looking for what we really are? Looking simply for who we are?
In his poem: “Human” he says:
I walk on the land of reality deluded
Encouraging my steps happily it turns into misery
He winds up the poem saying:
Because am human I will remain suffering (tortured)
And may be my suffering (torture) is because of my humanity
Are not we all humans trying our best for our steps to be happy ones ,yet, facing the hard land of reality and breaking hard so it turns into misery???? Do not we all humans I mean real humans with hearts and souls suffer because of our true humanity????

In his poem :”The heart of an artist”, he says:
And to my certainties beg my doubts
And the thoughtful mornings, turned to nights
He winds up the poem saying:
I lived my life a star in a galaxy
A heart of an artist from life hurt
We all doubt and our doubts do try to get from our certainties either by defeating them or like those of the poet begging to be considered, all artists hearts are so fragile to life so eventually life ends up hurting their hearts and giving them pain just like the case of the poet.
And in the collection’s’ key master poem: “Facing the mirror”: he says:
Lonely staring in the mirror, depressed
Emigrating in the path of sorrow and tears
And he winds it up saying:
The heart broken and the mirror still standing
And still I with my existence, non believing
We all choose the path of loneliness, tears and sorrow once or more in our live time and we realize that no matter what we achieve we still not believing our own existence in life just like him facing his long standing mirror with a broken heart
He closes the collection by the poem: “Continuous moment” saying:
Is he panicked or is it just his response?
Or is he a lover by loss losing his mind
He winds up the whole collection saying:
Your age today looks to me like eternity
And it passed just like a continuous moment
Do not all lover men panic and give strange responses to love? And do they really feel loss? Well I guess too late after there’s not a way back to get back the love of the person he lost just like all humans do not we all never realize the value of what we have till we lose it and there is no way back , just humans greedy and arrogant always after what they can not have till they lose what they had and never really appreciated <exactly like our years that keep passing just like a long continuous moment that ends in a blink and so did
"Abdul Rahman Yusuf" faced the mirror and made us, just as human as he is face it too for a while, in front of life's bare long standing mirror with him we stood.
You can read more samples of his poetry and listen to his poems sang by him on his site bilingual: http://www.arahman.net
A poem by me:
In front of the Mirror I stood
Never thought one day I would dare
To face my self
To bare my heart and soul
In front of the mirror of life
Standing and for hurt opening the door
Willing for a new beginning
Trying to forget
Every bitter feeling
In front of the mirror of life
I faced myself
Using my pen and truth
I told it all my secrets
I screamed but it has no ears
I cried but it does not feel
Only time my hurts
Might heal
In front of the mirror of life
I never surrendered
And I would keep trying to survive

published in magnificent magazine current issue
Dr Yassmin El-Nazer (Poet of Drift Away)


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