The Brida in me

Reading Pauleo Coleho Brida’s’ made me realize a lot of things and understand a lot of long whether forgotten or deliberately burried wisdom, I realized that I have a brida in me,yes I found out that like brida searching for magic I spent my life believing in magic and living tiny moments of magic,moments like watching a butterfly that would appear out of nowhere in my loneliness moments or hard times,magical moments like forgetting the world listening to a bird singing or watching and listening to a soft dove wakening me up ,a tiny moment when a butterfly bites me and since then butterflies would feel safe in my palm or on my finger ,a tiny moment of an eye contact and a feeling of butterflies in my stomach meting someone for the first time and feeling I’ve known them all my live,such true moments of magic when two people talk without words or their hearts start beating as one ,magic is every where,love is magic,birth,sleep,death all are magic ,all are tiny miracles gifted from GOD,when Brida started her journey looking for the path of magic she learnt that love is a great form of magic, she learnt that one could have more than a soul mate a theory that we had learnt through our falling in love time after time expreience,the wisdom that each soul of us consists of many parts of souls which lived past lives is fictional,yet a very magical view of explaining the fact of soul mates ,finally the truth that each one of us spends their lives looking for a soul mate,I’ve always repeated that I believe that each of us spends their lives looking for someone they might meet,love or it might be one side story or it might not work or may be they meet too late ,yet the magic of finding one of your souls mates remains with its’s print on your heart and memory and so I realized I’ve a Brida in me

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