she is a project of a book that contains glimpses from different females lives it’s like a one act that summarizes a life time of each female, along with short personal life quotes,acts of the writer:

woke up in a hospital ER wondering what really happened, feeling much pain ,touching her face she found it swollen ,tried to scream, but couldn’t speak tried to scream of pain but not a single word she could utter, opening her eyes in pain realized all what had happened surrounded by neighbors a flash back came to her she remembered all the beating, kids screaming, the knock on the head ,she breathed heavily wishing it would be her last breath so she could end this torture she kept asking herself why is it happening? why she the one who sacrificed and stood by him is the one who is being abandoned ?? she wanted to scream that it is over she can’t take it anymore but woke up to the crying of her children who wouldn’t find financial support and would be taken away from her to be raised by a cruel woman who took their father away from them again she went mute and tried to close her eyes in pain still wondering why??

(Life is like stations you can be bold to try stepping out in its’ stations and you could spend your life stuck in one station wondering what you are doing there.)’Yassmin El-Nazer’.

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3 thoughts on “she1

  1. انها حقا قطعة باردة والمفيد من المعلومات. ابن مقتنع بأن لك تقاسم هذه المعلومات مفيدة معنا. يرجى البقاء على علم لنا مثل هذا. شكرا لتقاسم على متابعة الكتابة الجيدة ، وأنا زائر العادي ، والحفاظ على احتياطي تعمل لطيفة ، وإنه سيكون من الزوار الدائمين لفترة طويلة.


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