SHE3 :Sinner

she wakes up shaking twisting her head like trying to shake off something she started crying then decided to go bath and clean herself up from such a sin and pray for forgiveness,later on this day she was whispering to her dearest extremest friend: I made something wrong! what? I woke up to find that I was having a very bad dreaming that contained feelings of desire for my beloved ,oh GOD how dare you that is a sin just like prostitution you’ve to keep praying and fasting you’ve done a sin ,but but I was asleep it was out of my hands I love him and he loves me
no excuses you are a sinner
she goes back home enters her room closes the door

oh my GOD ,oh my GOD,my little girl,why did she do that why she was engaged and getting married next eek oh GOD ,WHY ,sobbing and crying
Tell me Dr was she pregnant or something she wrote in her suicidal note that she was a sinner and that nothing’d clean her up but her death blood
Your daughter was still a virgin when she had cut her arteries

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