Brida’s heart

Well,I never stop getting inspired by Paulo Coelho writings nor stop thinking more and more,Paulo’s Brida really touched me and inspired me more than any other book I’ve ever read.
Brida was confused most of her life and instead of her young age 21 she has been haunting the knowledge of magic and getting into fig relationships never allowing her heart to truly fall in love being taught that love hurts,and when she nearly fell in love or at least admitted the fat that she had been denying at the same time she realized that her beloved is not her only soul mate she got confused and after a while she decided to choose the one whose path is similar to hers even when she did not love him but he loved her ,are not we all as confused as Brida’s heart?. Do not we all lose our way especially when it comes to the matters of the heart? what about soul mates how many soul mates one could meet in a life time? how many of them’d love you back? how many love stories’d go on and how many times can we realize we’ve met our soul mate!!
Confused as Brida’s heart are we all?

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