Love’s’ tree

Humans are just like trees,some look pretty but might be poisonous or useless,others might look ugly but might give the most tasty fruits and lovely flowers,summer shades,some might look so strong but are weaker than we would ever imagine,others might look weakest but during a storm they’ll hold on the best.
Love is like trees too and fruits,some fruits we like but are not available all the time,some look good but taste bitter,others are not so good looking but are the sweetest,some are some mysterious just like water melons you can never know what you will find inside,others are just seasonal you might not get the chance to find and eat them,so is love.Some love relationships would look so strong and deep rooted but would fall down with the first storm,others we might see fragile and weak yet might survive all difficulties and hard times,some love relationships we might think are the best ,yet,they prove to be heart breaking and poisonous,but those which we might not like very much might prove the most fruitful.
Humans,love and even life all are just tree like :).
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