The Brida in me

طبيب حر الى آخر العمر

Reading Pauleo Coleho Brida’s’ made me realize a lot of things and understand a lot of long whether forgotten or deliberately burried wisdom, I realized that I have a brida in me,yes I found out that like brida searching for magic I spent my life believing in magic and living tiny moments of magic,moments like watching a butterfly that would appear out of nowhere in my loneliness moments or hard times,magical moments like forgetting the world listening to a bird singing or watching and listening to a soft dove wakening me up ,a tiny moment when a butterfly bites me and since then butterflies would feel safe in my palm or on my finger ,a tiny moment of an eye contact and a feeling of butterflies in my stomach meting someone for the first time and feeling I’ve known them all my live,such true moments of magic when two people…

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