Do I believe in magic?? I was asked,I thought: Love is magic,telepathy is magic,strange coincidences are magic,dreams,stories we write,things we invent all are forms of magic. Every sunset,every new sun rise,every dusk,the whispers of the summer breathes.Every beat of my heart that calls your name is magic,every breath that cuts deep in my soul while […]

Love’s’ tree

Humans are just like trees,some look pretty but might be poisonous or useless,others might look ugly but might give the most tasty fruits and lovely flowers,summer shades,some might look so strong but are weaker than we would ever imagine,others might look weakest but during a storm they’ll hold on the best. Love is like trees […]

No matter what

Beauty can never be missed ,no matter how small and tin it may be,a butterfly’s’ tiny wing may summarize all the beauty of the world,it’d carry withing its’ magical colors a tiny miracle of GOD’s’ creation,that tiny butterfly would steel your heart and make you by its’ beaut catch your breath,its’ touch of beauty might […]

Green wave

a wave of green carrying me away to a land of hope a place with just peace the green wave flowing along the tough hill screaming the impossible I will kill the soft leaves running on the face of rocks changing every unpleasant view green carries welfare,true the green wave running through me planting harmony […]


the wrecked ship lies abandoned over there on reality’s’ shore no one cares for it anymore no one would give it a second look long forgotten will not be mentioned in someone’s book only those who dare to it might be fair might give it another chance and try hard to give it a place […]


lost in the forest of life confused which road to follow feeling so scared and hollow not knowing where to go which is wrong and which is true? though there are too many am not satisfied with any so scared to walk alone my dreams are no longer known there is not a destination I […]


over there in the sea of love she drowned helplessly,hopeless,she closed her eyes and surrendered drowning deeper more and more suffocating with the pain of loneliness, ,missing,nothing to be done,waves carrying her further from the shores,she opened her eyes watched the vortex reminding her of her long drowned heart over there in the sea of […]