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The language of the heart

Published September 24, 2016 by Yassmin Elnazer

Poetry is the music of the heart ,it plays on ones heart strings just like a violin so a poem is like a note every heart could either read it and respond to it or reject it and the heart has ears too even if the heart is blind it could still play a nice tune in response to a lovely poem.Poetry is the language of hearts,it is the verbal music tune playing on the heart strings.heart_by_frizzle_popRed-roses-float-in-water--00742b6ih3dftuq


Love’s’ tree

Published April 26, 2013 by Yassmin Elnazer

Humans are just like trees,some look pretty but might be poisonous or useless,others might look ugly but might give the most tasty fruits and lovely flowers,summer shades,some might look so strong but are weaker than we would ever imagine,others might look weakest but during a storm they’ll hold on the best.
Love is like trees too and fruits,some fruits we like but are not available all the time,some look good but taste bitter,others are not so good looking but are the sweetest,some are some mysterious just like water melons you can never know what you will find inside,others are just seasonal you might not get the chance to find and eat them,so is love.Some love relationships would look so strong and deep rooted but would fall down with the first storm,others we might see fragile and weak yet might survive all difficulties and hard times,some love relationships we might think are the best ,yet,they prove to be heart breaking and poisonous,but those which we might not like very much might prove the most fruitful.
Humans,love and even life all are just tree like :).
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No matter what

Published April 21, 2013 by Yassmin Elnazer

beautiful-swallowtail-butterflyBeauty can never be missed ,no matter how small and tin it may be,a butterfly’s’ tiny wing may summarize all the beauty of the world,it’d carry withing its’ magical colors a tiny miracle of GOD’s’ creation,that tiny butterfly would steel your heart and make you by its’ beaut catch your breath,its’ touch of beauty might even change you,no matter how tiny something or someone might be their beaut will always shine just like sunshine lightning all around it.

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A tiny bird

Published April 18, 2013 by Yassmin Elnazer

a tiny bird
standing alone,not scared
lonely as it is
still raising its’ head
looking ahead
facing life not afraid
a tiny bird facing the world
with hope,love fighting to the end
the bird said it all
if you believe you will never fall
just keep trying no matter how life is cruel
don’t mind how you are small
it is a matter of courage,not size nor how tall
learn from the bird
and in your heart bear the wisdom you have heard
never to chase your dreams be scared
just find in your heart the freedom of a tiny bird


inspired by: http://ajaytao2010.wordpress.com/2013/04/17/small-bird/

Green wave

Published April 8, 2013 by Yassmin Elnazer

a wave of green
carrying me away
to a land of hope
a place with just peace
the green wave flowing along the tough hill
screaming the impossible I will kill
the soft leaves running on the face of rocks
changing every unpleasant view
green carries welfare,true
the green wave running through me
planting harmony
with earth
what a lovely view,
what a dreamy place!

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Published April 8, 2013 by Yassmin Elnazer

the wrecked ship lies abandoned
over there on reality’s’ shore
no one cares for it anymore
no one would give it a second look
long forgotten will not be mentioned in someone’s book
only those who dare
to it might be fair
might give it another chance
and try hard to give it a place
to fix all the flaws
and with hope and will,who knows?
the wreck could live again
and only those who believe
their effort will not be in vain
a wreck was neglected on the shore
but now a ship,not a wreck anymore

inspired by Malte Christensen photo vietnam sunrise :


Published April 7, 2013 by Yassmin Elnazer

lost in the forest of life
confused which road to follow
feeling so scared and hollow
not knowing where to go
which is wrong and which is true?
though there are too many
am not satisfied with any
so scared to walk alone
my dreams are no longer known
there is not a destination I desire
my heart no longer bears hope fire
all my dreams diminished
all my trials in vain shattered
am so lost in that forest

inspired by this lovely photo from ajayatao:


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