SHE3 :Sinner

she wakes up shaking twisting her head like trying to shake off something she started crying then decided to go bath and clean herself up from such a sin and pray for forgiveness,later on this day she was whispering to her dearest extremest friend: I made something wrong! what? I woke up to find that […]


she fell in love with an illusion,loved every romantic hero in a book or a movie,like a teenager she’s in love with love itself.She loved what she never had and what she has always wished for ,when she thought she got it it was just acting, deceiving and just a trial to break her up,she […]


she is a project of a book that contains glimpses from different females lives it’s like a one act that summarizes a life time of each female, along with short personal life quotes,acts of the writer: woke up in a hospital ER wondering what really happened, feeling much pain ,touching her face she found it […]