the wrecked ship lies abandoned
over there on reality’s’ shore
no one cares for it anymore
no one would give it a second look
long forgotten will not be mentioned in someone’s book
only those who dare
to it might be fair
might give it another chance
and try hard to give it a place
to fix all the flaws
and with hope and will,who knows?
the wreck could live again
and only those who believe
their effort will not be in vain
a wreck was neglected on the shore
but now a ship,not a wreck anymore

inspired by Malte Christensen photo vietnam sunrise :

10 thoughts on “wrecked

  1. so beautiful, your heart gets inspired by images I am amazed
    so lovely a poem, and so humble in its approach

    Thank you once again


      1. please its your poem that beautifies the picture

        thank you Yassmin you are a darling with a great heart


  2. can you do a favor
    please the name of the photographer

    Malte Christensen

    on this picture

    I got a message from him that allow other to use my picture
    but atleast tell them to give credits

    so please put the name on the above picture seperately

    sorry to trouble you


  3. thank you so much dear for mentioning his name on the picture

    from my heart I say thank you to you dear, unnecessary for me you had such trouble
    extremely sorry dear

    i love you for that


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